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I’ve been thinking about …

Organizational Culture. Community. . Belonging. Gathering. In fact, I have written a few about . This is an interesting time for organizations and their leaders. Much to think about.

Then I was listening to Brene Brown’s Parker about her book I was fascinated with this conversation about gathering. Interestingly, I realized I bought her book months ago and didn’t read it yet. So that is what I am reading now.

The whole interview is worth…

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Post-COVID, leaders will need to put the organization back together again. We will likely be working with three basic models based on what is best for the organization and employees: entirely remote, predominantly in-person or a hybrid of the two. And it appears that most organizations are leaning toward a hybrid workplace.

Understandably, corporate culture often took a back seat during the pandemic. The focus was on survival and navigating workplace challenges. …

The value of learning is greater when we share what we are learning.

— Simon Sinek

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I’ve been thinking about the difference between learning and growing. Is there a difference? As I said in my , I am taking two online courses and it is keeping me busy–maybe too busy.

I know that continuing to learn and getting out of our comfort zones is good for us. It keeps us interested, relevant, and able to engage with others.

The I could find was this:

Learning results in new knowledge.

Growing results in change.

In order to learn…

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In difficult times, you should always carry something beautiful in your heart. ~ Blaise Pascal

We just had the long year of Covid. So many things changed last year. There were losses and there were gains. Many people have talked about the silver linings. I’ve been thinking about what I want to hold onto and what I am willing to let go of. What will be the new normal at home? The new normal at work?

For me, these are my thoughts:

For several years, I taught a graduate leadership course using Zoom. While I was skeptical about it when I started, I realized I could create almost the same kind of environment as…

Self-care begins with you. The most important person to lead is yourself. When you invest in your own well-being, you inspire others around you to do the same.

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A few months ago, I hosted a Virtual Leadership Summit in which I interviewed more than 20 thought leaders. My questions had to do with how leadership might change as a result of the pandemic. One important conclusion was that leaders need to take care of themselves.

I interviewed , executive coach and founding partner of , and she shared this story. “Lisa” was SVP of Strategy at a…

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The past year has been a “perfect storm” of five global crises: pandemic, economic, racial, climate, and leadership. And the polarization of society is on top of all of these challenges. As one crisis builds on the next, it is easy to long for the way life used to be. While we don’t know what the new reality will be after COVID-19, most authorities are telling us the world will not return to normal as we knew it.

Last summer, I hosted a in which I interviewed more than 20 thought leaders. Some of them were former…

“Hope you enjoy reading our culture book!” — Tony

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The year was 2008 and I was a tenured professor teaching business management courses at a small college. My favorite courses to teach were leadership and organizational behavior.

As a big culture person, I stressed how leaders set the tone of the culture — either good or bad. We watched the documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room as an example of leaders creating a bad culture.

I discovered through one of the leadership blogs I was following that Zappos published a . …

Look within. Go Beyond

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You may or may not already have an MBA. Either way, you should consider enrolling in . This is a nine-month immersion certification program to train leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees on how to powerfully grow themselves and their companies.

What makes The Inner MBA so valuable is that the focus is on skills not typically taught in business schools. One of the most popular courses in the Standford GSB program is often referred to as the course. …

If we are what we do and we don’t do it anymore, then who are we?

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What should you do with the rest of your life? Since wrote the book with a similar title, I have been trying to figure it out and to help others to answer this question.

So much of our life is scripted for us. From elementary school through high school, we know what we have to do. Then we have some choice — college, trade school, or get a job. When we graduate from college, it is time to get a job or…

“Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.” Frances Hesselbein

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about I am motivated to write about this topic because of recent conversations with friends.

One friend is “retiring” (moving on) because she perceives her boss as mean, unreasonable, and has created a toxic environment for the whole team. Another younger friend is actively seeking employment because he wants to get away from his bad boss who never has a positive word to say to anyone.

Then I was listening to a…

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Dr. Jann is a seeker and learner who leaves a Breadcrumb Legacy. She does this as an author, consultant, speaker, and faculty member.

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